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Why Me?

When Our Loved One Has Been Called Home...

When our loved one has been called home to be with our lord, you will need to contact emergency personnel or your loved one's physician if he or she was under the care of a physician.. If no one was present when the death occurred, you will need to notify local law enforcement, before the deceased can be moved. When a death occurs while your loved one is in a hospital, care facility or hospice program, their staff will notify you and contact the appropriate authorities. 


If you are unsure of who you should notify or what your next steps should be, please call us for assistance in determining the appropriate course of action for your particular situation.

What to Expect When You Meet With Me

When you meet with me to discuss your arrangements, I will go over everything I need to help make sure your loved one is remembered for years to come.  Each step of the way, I will guide you through the arrangement process, asking questions about your loved one, so together we can plan a service which memorializes the deceased in the way you wish for them to be remembered. I want you to be actively involved and communicate your ideas and preferences, share your loved one's life story, revisit memories and highlight their accomplishments. I will use this information to guide you in the creation of a personalized, meaningful celebration of your loved one's life.


This process may include:

  • Preparing and filing the official death certificate

  • Scheduling the services and events (including the location, date, and time)

  • Selecting a casket, urn, or other products you may need

  • Drafting an obituary

  • Arranging necessary transportation

  • And more

Funeral Celebrant Services

A funeral celebrant will typically have the following duties;

  • Support the family through the funeral planning

  • Ensure specific funeral wishes are carried out,

  • Provide ideas for ways to create personal touches, including a visual tribute

  • Offer support, guidance and advice where needed

  • Help the family to plan and arrange the order of service, including music, readings and poems

  • Create the eulogy for the funeral alongside the family

  • Host and officiate the funeral service on the day

  • Offer support to the family before and after the funeral

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